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A. A. Zaura: An Uncelebrated Kano Philanthropist

By Dr Umar Sani Zage

For the good people of Kano, the name Alhaji Abdulsalam Abdulkarim Zaura, popularly known as A. A. Zaura, is a name that is synonymous with philanthropy, generosity, benevolence, humanitarianism and public-spiritedness.

The Kano businessman has positively affected hundreds of thousands of Kano families, from Dambatta to Tudun Wada, Gwarzo and Gaya.

He has built schools, hospitals, vocational centres, as well as carried out numerous empowerments and social assistance not through occupying any political but from his hard-earned money.

His dozens of empowerment programmes have clearly shown that innovation is the best empowerment one can give to any person.

Zaura’s humility, strong character, passion for the less-privileged and love for quality education and healthcare are some of the defined qualities of his personality widely recognized in the State.

It’s no surprise, thereore, when the people of Kano called him into the race for Kano Governorship race. But, as Allah will have it, Gawuna emerged the Kano Gubernatoral candidate and to the delight of the good people of Kano, A A Zaura was later voted for the APC Kano Central Senatorial seat.

With this good news for the APC and the good people of Kano, the enemies of the state and enemies of Kano people rolled on their evil machinations to ensure that the Kano Central people don’t get this fountain of humanitarian activities as their Senator come 2023.

For any progressive supporter of the APC and anybody who means well for Kano people, it will be clear that it’s for our own best interest that someone like A A Zaura be in the Senate come 2023.  Time and efforts have shown that this man understands the culture of strategic planning, geared towards building a greater nation and doing well for the people.

But like everything good in life, there seem to be unwanted elements fighting this good cause, it all started with campaign of calumny questioning his ability to contest and when he got the ticket for the Kano Central Senatorial zone they shifted the fight to weak court case making numerous false and malicious allegations against a decent man, who has nothing but the good people of Kano at heart.

Every single day they came up with a different pattern of rumour circulated in the media against this rare gem of a businessman turned politician. You don’t need a soothsayer to know that these schemes are purely the handwork of blind enemies of the party and the state. And to use, a court case to fan this ember of hate and malice, goes to show how much these people lack decorum and moralities.

It is Allah who gives power to whom He wants, when and how He wants. This is scriptural in the Holy Quran. It is sad that people seem to forget it and they feel they can change the will of the people by scheming and plotting. The earlier they let this man be the better for them and the party as a whole.

A former NEPU stalwart and a political icon of the state said, “Very few people have contributed to the development of this state and the development of the APC like A A Zaura has done. Personally, I feel those opposing his senatorial bid are people who don’t have the best interest of the party and Kano at heart”.

At this time, when the hope of the people for good governance is dwindling, A A Zaura is exactly what the Kano people need to rebuild an already fragile confidence. Coming from the private sector, he has the advantage of running the mandate of the people like he runs his successful business with transparency and accountability.

With a combination of humanitarian experience and collaboration with the  State Government as well as the will to serve the people, come 2023, A A Zaura will become a reference  point when history of Kano state is written.

Dr Zage wrote in from Zage Quarters of Kano and can be reached on doctorzee1999@yahoo.com


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