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Apply Laws Of Allah In Your Activities – Sheikh Usman

Chief Imam of Zaid Bin Sabit Mosque, Maikalwa Nasirriya Quarters, Naibawa Kano, North West Nigeria, Sheikh Bello Bala Usman, has reminded Muslim faithful to apply the laws of Allah in their daily activities.

This was contained in his sermon on Friday before leading congregation prayers.

Usman told the congregation that whoever wants peace and tranquility must obey Allah and do away with anything He detests.

“Allah is good and will ever be good.

“Whoever embraces Allah, Allah will protect them. Therefore, be watchful of the words of Allah and always do good,” he said.

The Islamic Scholar advised the worshipers not to be anxious for anything except the worship of Allah adding that whatever anybody possess is given by Allah.

“No individual can deprive you of what Allah has destined for you. Don’t be jealous of one another. Be patient while you pray Allah to bless you. Allah is faithful and would give you what He deem feat for you,” he said.

While emphasizing on the importance of thinking and relying on Allah always for everything, the Chief Imam warned believers to stop patronizing native Doctors in their quests for worldly things pointing out that, if they insist, they will be the losers.

“Worship Allah only and rely on Him for your sustenance because He is faithful. There is no help from Native Doctors rather, they will help plug you into tribulations,” he said.

According to the Imam, Allah does not test people, but for the purpose of their faith in Him.

Commenting on Nigerian politics and the 2023 General Elections scheduled to begin on Saturday, 25th 2023, Sheikh Usman advised Nigerians to stop killing one another for politicians saying whoever kill his brother for politics, both the victim and the aggressor are going to Hell fire.

“It is illogical for people to fight and kill themselves for people who do not know whether they exist. I mean people who do not care for your welfare – who are enjoying while you are suffering,” he admonished.

The Islamic Cleric, however, prayed Allah for peace and progress of Nigerians and the country at large.


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