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Apply Word Of God In Your Actions, Deeds – Sheikh Danladi

By Our Correspondent

Deputy Chief Imam of Fibre Jumaat Mosque, Jos, Sheikh Auwal Danladi says, real worship of Allah lies in the application of the word of Allah by people in their daily activities.

He gave the admonition on Friday while delivering sermon.

Sheikh Danladi, whose sermon centered on the obligation of a true believer (Mumin) in respecting peoples’ rights, caring for neighbours, and welcoming and treating strangers with honour, warned that Paradise is far from those who fail in this direction.

The Cleric said, it is Allah’s command for people to live in peace with their neighbour.

“There are neigbours everywhere we find ourselves. Treat your neighbour with utmost respect. Help them when they are in need of your help.

“You are commanded to help your neighbour first before you go outside to help other people.

“Reframe from cheating your neighbour and planning evil and hatred against them.

“Know it that anyone whose neighbours fear as a result of wickedness and tyranny will not enter paradise,” he said.

The Imam also warned the people against denying others their rights saying it is against the will of Allah.

“Give people their rights whether they are week or strong. Be fair in your dealings with people. Uphold justice and fairness,” he admonished.

Sheikh Danladi also spoke on the treatment of a visitor pointing out that it is obligation upon a true believer to treat their visitors with care and honour.

The Imam told the congregation to firmly guard against their utterances and abstain from character assassination.

“Speak good or be silent. Don’t backbite. Say things that will make those in your company smile and feel great. Use Godly words and avoid using words that can cause anger and enmity among the people,” he said.

Sheikh Danladi, reminded the worshipers that those who engage in backbiting and tarnishing the image of others with the hope of polishing their own image are ignorantly eating the flesh of those they backbite.


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