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Be Patient Over Challenges – Sheikh Farouk

Imam of Fibre Jumaat Mosque, Jos, Plateau State, North Central Nigeria, Sheikh Omar Farouk has reminded believers to cultivate the attitude of patience in their sojurn in life.

Farouk gave the advice in his sermon on Friday before leading congregation prayers.

The Imam, whose sermon was anchored on, “Patience and Perseverance” said “Patience is a noble moral given to the Prophet to deliver to mankind.

” Obey Allah with all your heart.

“Be patient in all your challenges

” Patient people are rewarded with the garden without recourse,” he admonished.

Sheikh Farouk also told the worshipers that patience is a virtue that can enable one worship Allah and be honest. Therefore, people should be patient.

“Allah wants you to be patient like the Prophet displayed.

” Patience paves way for Allah’s mercy.

“Remember, Allah will text you in various ways to ascertain your faith.

” Your text could be your children; it could be your money; it could be your work; it could be your spouse; and it could be your health,” he said.

Farouk also noted that it is lack of patience that makes many people to engage in vices.

“Lack of patience will make you sack your partner; it will make you steal; it will make you cut relationship and it will make you speak foul language and tell lies against others,” he added.

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