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Cristiano Ronaldo Commits To Al-Nassr Until 2025

Cristiano Ronaldo affirmed his dedication to Al-Nassr, stating that he will continue playing football with the team until 2025

Report from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia says, Cristiano Ronaldo, has affirmed his dedication to Al-Nassr.

He reportedly said he would continue playing football with the team until 2025.

“For sure, I’ll be here this year and the next, and if my body allows me, I’ll continue.”

In an exclusive interview with SSC following Al-Nassr’s challenging match against Damac on Saturday, Ronaldo shared his thoughts on the game, his performance, and his commitment to the sport.

Reflecting on the demanding match, Ronaldo acknowledged the difficulty, especially after the national teams’ break and travel.

“It takes time to switch focus back to the league. Damac is a very good team, and conceding a goal in the first half made it even more challenging.

“However, in the second half, we gave a good answer. We played well and managed to score two goals. In my opinion, we deserved to win,” he stated.

When questioned about how he maintains top performance, Ronaldo stressed the importance of dedication and hard work.

“As I’ve said many times, I treat my body well, and my body helps me. At 38 years old, I can still play football, but without my teammates, nothing would be possible,” he added.

Expressing gratitude to the Saudi people, Ronaldo said, “Thank you to the Saudi people. They make me happy, and I hope I make them happy too.” – SG

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