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Dallah Hospital In Riyadh Operates Fractures On 70-Year-Old Without Surgery


Report from Dallah Hospital – AL Nakheel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia says, Doctors in the Hospital have successfully operated on a seventy-year-old patient with spinal osteoporosis.

After performing the necessary diagnosis and examinations, it was found that the patient had an L5 fracture.

Immediately, the medical team operated (Vertebroplasty) for the patient to fix fractures of the dorsal vertebrae, due to osteoporosis or the spread of a tumor in the spine.

The team reportedly operated, without surgical intervention, as it made a simple incision at the fracture site in the L5 in the patient’s spine, to insert a probe needle to reach the core of the fractured bone, after which medical cement was injected into the bone.

This procedure causes the fractured bone to heal in a very short time.

Dr. Nizar Abdulaziz Al-Nakshabandi, a consultant in pain management by radiotherapy, explained that the medical cement, which is small crystals, with which the fractured vertebra was injected into the seventy-year-old patient, is done by guiding a radioscope (probe); its size is about 3 to 4 cubic centimeters of cement; its advantage is that it requires no surgical or interventional operation.

The operation was performed so perfectly that the patient can then walk and be discharged on the operation day, without the need for a rehabilitation procedure.

Dr. Al-Nakshabandi indicated that the procedure took place in the operating room, and under severe sterilization, which is available in all Dallah hospitals, in anticipation of any possible complications, such as infection, or arterial or venous bleeding.

So, the procedure was done under a radioscope to avoid arteries and veins, paralysis, or muscle weakness, which occur at a rate of one in a million if the medical cement leaks into the patient’s spinal cord.

Dr. Al-Nakshbandi emphasized that such delicate operations need fully qualified consultants and specialists at the highest level, and trained in the best medical centers, inside and outside the Kingdom, indicating that this type of cadres is present in Dallah hospitals.

It is worth noting that Dallah Hospital – AL Nakheel has made a new and unique achievement, by obtaining accreditation certificates from the American Foundation for the Accreditation of Surgical Centers of Excellence (SRC), for six of the hospital’s surgical centers of excellence.

These achievements include  the Certificate of Center of Excellence in Orthopedics, Certificate of Center of Excellence in Metabolic Bariatric Surgery, Certificate of Center of Excellence in Joint Replacement Surgery, Certificate of Center of Excellence in Kidney Stone Management, Certificate of Center of Excellence in Specialized Anesthesia, and Certificate of the Center of Excellence in Interventional Surgery as an alternative to traditional surgeries.





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