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Division Weakens Strength – Secretary-General JNI

Secretary-General, JNI, Kaduna, Dr. Khalid Aliyu Abubakar says, lack of unity withers away a nation’s strength.

He stated this on Friday while delivering sermon at Fibre Jumaat Mosque in Jos, North-Central Nigeria.

Dr. Abubakar, who was referring to Muslim Umma as a nation, said all Muslims are brothers irrespective of tribe, language and colour adding that it is an aberration for any Muslim to behave otherwise.

He said Allah says in the Holy Quran, “I created you in different nations so that you know yourself.”

“There should be no discrimination; Help one another; relate in good faith.

“Protect the name of the Prophet (pbuh) by exhibiting love, good behaviour, kindness, care, understanding and compassion wherever you find yourself,” he admonished.

The Islamic scholar whose sermon was anchored on the theme, “Necessity of Keeping Islamic Brotherhood,” emphasized that it is Allah’s command for Muslims to live in unity adding that it was Allah who named them Muslims.

“No tribalism and no ethnicity should be entertained.

“All Muslims are equal before Allah and no one should demonstrate any act of superiority complex.

“Nobody is better than another and no tribe is superior to another except those who fear Allah and apply His word in their daily activities,” he said.

A cross section of worshipers.

He also reminded the congregation that the greatest sin is to wicked your brothers, deprive them of their rights, squander their money and plan evil against them.

He therefore warned the people to desist from backbiting, abusing people and engaging in destruction of relationship.

“The fear of Allah is in the heart. Those who propagate, “my tribe, my tribe” know nothing in Islam, they should submit themselves for the tenets of Islam,” he advised.

Dr. Abubakar prayed Allah to intervene in the current security challenges in the country.



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