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Financial Crisis: Trade By Barter Emerges In Edo State

Report from Edo State, South-South Nigeria says, Trade by Barter has begun in Etsakor Central Local Area of the State following the current difficulties being experienced without cash in business transactions nation-wide.

In a video posted on social media, Kasted TV, the Trade by Batter is reportedly operating at Alegbete town in Etsakor Central Local Government Area of Edo State.

Buyers and sellers are reportedly exchanging their wares in transactions.

Traders exchanging goods at Alegbete town.

Commentaries from an unidentified commentator in the 30 seconds video clip show that Fish is being exchanged for Yam vis-à-vis while Plantain is also being exchanged for other commodities in that manner.

Trade by Barter is a system of exchanging goods without using money. In ancient times, trade began as a barter system in which people exchanged one object for another.

The beginning is traced to Mesopotamia tribes who were likely the starting point of trade by Barter way back in 6000 BC.


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