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God Does Not Forgive Sins Committed Against Fellow Human Beings – Sheikh Danladi

By Abdulkadir Mohammed

As Ramadan, the Islamic Month of Fasting begins this week, the Deputy Chief Imam of Fibre Juma’at Mosque, Jos, Plateau State, Sheikh Auwal Danladi, has reminded believers to beware of their conduct and behaviour during the month and in their sojourn in life.

He stated this in a sermon he delivered on Friday before leading congregation prayers, adding that God does not forgive the sins committed against fellow human beings.

“The sins you committed against other people is between you and them. Don’t expect that your prayers will expiate them or that God will clean them for you. You must go and meet the victims of your sins and ask them for forgiveness, without which you must give account hereafter,” he said.

The Imam, therefore, warned the worshipers against cheating of all forms, gossiping, enmity as well as hatred which, he observed, are the root of conflict in the society.

He told the worshipers to remember that Ramadan is a blessed Month in which a believer (Mumin) is expected to increase their good deeds and imbibe good intentions at all times adding that it is not the fasting alone that matters, they should avoid anger, abuse, violence and selfishness while fasting.

“During Ramadan, the Gate of Hell is locked while the Gate of Heaven is opened. The Devil has no power to interfere in the affairs of a believer who engages in fasting. Your sincere fast with good deeds are what tie the Devil down, but if you are a hypocrite who secretly eat and commit other vices only to come to the open and pretend that you are fasting, the Devil will be your companion and your reward will be bitter,” he said.

Sheikh Danladi, reminded the worshipers that the reward of fasting is beyond human calculations, pointing out that, it is the month of Patience no matter the pressure.

“Wherever there is Patience, there is Heaven. Where is difficulty, there is blessing,” he admonished.

While praying for peace in the country and for the repose of the souls of those who were killed in the Abuja-Kaduna train and the return of those kidnapped, the Imam advised the congregation to teach their young ones to learn how to fast, saying it is a way of molding them to stay on the path of God.



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