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I’m Alive, Not Dead – Kanayo Kanayo

By Abdulkadir Mohammed

Veteran Nollywood Actor, Kanayo. O. Kanayo says who initiated the rumour of his death on social media will die in seven days.

Kanayo’s reported death had on Wednesday surfaced on social media with some Nigerians writing RIP on his pictures.

The Actor, however, posted a video on his Instagram page showing he was alive contrary to the report of his death.

He cursed the person that started the rumour, saying the person will die in seven days.

”I don’t know what people gain by carrying out rumours, printing out their own obituary. I don’t know what will make someone wake up in the morning and start tagging someone. Do you think Nollywood Actors and Entertainers don’t have families?” he queried.

”Somebody wakes up compiles three to five pictures and write RIP? You will not live past the next seven days. My life has never been in anyone’s hand.

”I want to thank friends who have been calling since morning. I am hale and hearty, I don’t even have fever. Whoever has published his own obituary will exit this world in seven days,” he released his curse.


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