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Israeli Killer Who Insisted He Was A Cat Dies In Argentinian Prison

Gil Pereg. (photo credit: Via Maariv) via TJP

Pereg was serving a life sentence after being convicted for the murder of his mother and aunt.

Gil Pereg, an Israeli who resided in Argentina and was convicted in 2021 for the killing of his mother and aunt, was found dead in his prison cell earlier this week.

The Jerusalem Post reports that, Pereg was serving life imprisonment after being convicted for the murder of his mother, Lily Pereg, and his aunt, Perahia Serusi.

According to The Jerusalem Post, the case began in 2019, when the two visited Pereg in Argentina and disappeared.

Following searches carried out by the authorities, they were found buried in his backyard.

According to the indictment against him, Pereg shot his aunt, killing her instantly, while he strangled his mother to death.

The findings showed that the bodies of the two women were mutilated, and they were likely “impaled” with iron rods in their intimate areas.

1720613208609Israeli’s Farhiya Sarusi, and aunt, Lily Pereg, in early February. The bodies of the two sisters were found in the yard of Gilad’s house. and Dr. Lily Pereg were murdered by their son and nephew in Argentina. (credit: screenshot) via TJP

After his arrest, Pereg refused to cooperate with the investigators and, throughout the entire legal process, falsely posed as insane to escape punishment.

Pereg’s strategy

Instead of answering the investigators’ questions, Pereg meowed like a cat to every question asked of him, but he failed to convince the jurors of his insanity.

Although the case did not make waves in Israel, the media in Argentina was captivated by the murderer, who was dubbed the “Cat Man.”

The cause of his death has not yet been published, but reports indicate that he suffered from poor health that gradually deteriorated after his imprisonment. – TJP

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