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Lack Of Knowledge Destroys Society – Imam Usman

An Islamic scholar, Sheikh Bello Usma has admonished believers to take acquisition of knowledge a must in their daily in life.

He gave the admonition while delivering sermon on Friday at Zaidu Ibn Sabit Mosque, Maikalwa, Naibawa, Kano.

The Cleric emphasized that those who seek knowledge are loved by the Almighty Allah, the creator of Heavens and Earth.

“Knowledge gives advancement to individuals and society. It makes people fear Allah. It enhances love among the people.

“Knowledge makes people take good care of their wards. It makes you worship Allah properly,” he said.

The Imam noted that seeking knowledge is highly rewarding in all fronts adding that students who leave their homes to seek knowledge are reverend by things they pass on their way.

“When a seeker of knowledge goes out, everything on their way pray for them for success and Allah’s guidance without their knowledge. This is because the path of knowledge leads to Paradise.

“Allah guides those who seek knowledge because He loves them. The most dangerous thing is ignorance,” he admonished.

Usman, reminded the congregation that everything in this world will finish and urged them to always remember hereafter, their permanent home.

“Today, we are carried away by our businesses, no time to seek knowledge, no time to read the Holy Quran and no time to teach the children the way of Allah.

“We quarrel and sometimes fight over money and hold enmity about worldly things that ephemeral.

“Don’t forget that those who believe (Mumin) and do good are the successful ones,” he said.

Sheikh Usman advised them to fear Allah in the open and in the secret adding that Allah raises people who have faith pointing out that those who have knowledge and did nothing good with it shall meet Allah hereafter and give account.


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