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Lack Of Trust Destroys Society – Imam Imran

Chief Imam, Flying Officer Imran Zakariyya Hassan delivering sermon. 

“He who is not trustworthy has no faith in Allah.

“He who does not keep promise has no religion.”

These were part of the sermon on Friday in Jos, Plateau state, North Central Nigeria by the Chief Imam of 551 Nigerian Air Force Station Central Mosque, Jos, Flying Officer Imran Zakariyya Hassan.

Hassan, whose sermon centered on the place of Trust in Islam, observed that, “today there’s no more trust in our society. Lost of trust is the causes of most of the vices being experienced in the country.”

A cross section of worshipers. 

According to him, Trust is one of the virtues in Islam which encompasses all aspects of life.

“No nation can progress without adherence to Trust.

“Lack of trust is a betrayal of Allah and His Messenger,” he reminded the people.

Imam Hassan warned the people to beware of the consequences of breach of trust saying “it is enormous and believers should avoid deceit and breach of trust.”

“This breach of trust ravaging the country is not limited to leaders alone, it’s in every facet of the society.

“Imagine the trend, those looking for work are being cheated by those helping them out and conversely, those being helped to get a job are planning how to cheat their employers.

“Sellers are cheating buyers and buyers are finding ways to cheat sellers.

“Leaders are breaching the trust reposed in them.

“Leadership goes with trust without which there will be no advancement in the society,” he said.

A cross section of worshipers. 

Quoting from the Hadith, Imam Hassan told the congregation that there was a time when a believer met the Prophet (pbuh) and asked the Prophet to tell him the hour when the world will come to an end.

According to him, the Prophet (pbuh) replied by telling him the signs: a time when liars will be praised and regarded as trustworthy while the trustworthy will be regarded as a liar; a time when liars will be given political appointment and the trustworthy is denied; a time when husband will betray his wife and wife will betray her husband; a time when brother will betray his brother and sister will betray her sister.

He said, “let no one make the mistake, the mindless killings in the country will accounted for hereafter.”

The Cleric, therefore, reminded the people that Trust is a virtue that believers must hold to their chest if they are to rejoice hereafter.

While praying for peaceful coexistence in Nigeria, Imam Hassan asked Nigerians to support good policies of government and pray for the country’s Armed Forces for their good work.

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