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No Paradise For Those Who Mistreat Their Parents – Imam Usman

By Abdulkadir Mohammed

The Imam of Zaidu Ibn Sabit Mosque, Maikalwa, Zaria Road, Kano, Mallam Bello Usman, says people who disrespect their parents and treat them with contempt and disdain will not enter Paradise.

He stated this in a sermon he delivered on Friday before leading Jumaat prayers saying it was Allah’s command for children to take good care of their parents and obey their instructions while they are alive.

“Respect your parents, take care of them even if they are unbelievers. Your obligation is to see to their needs except if they want to take you out of belief. Never separate from your parents no matter what happens and do not dupe or scam them because you see that they are not educated,” he admonished.

Imam Usman said mother is supreme and should be respected and honoured because of the position she occupies in a matrimonial home.

“Remember, you stayed in your mother’s womb for 9 months and after giving birth to you, she began another struggle to fend for you. She responds to your cries both day and night. She leaves whatever she does to attend to you in whatever condition. How can you mistreat her now that you have grown up and think you will end well,” he warned the congregation.

The Imam, however, advised parents to educate their children and ensure their proper upbringing by directing them to the path of Allah.

The Islamic scholar said Allah enjoins believers to cultivate behaviour and conduct with good intention at all times.

Imam Usman reminded the worshipers to want for others what they want for themselves.


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