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Not All Muslims Are Mumin – Imam Danladi

By Abdulkadir Mohammed

Deputy Chief Imam of Fibre Mosque, old Airport Road Junction, Jos, Plateau State, Sheikh Auwal Danladi, says all Mumin (Believers) are muslims but not all Muslims are Mumin (Believers.)

Imam Danladi stated this in a sermon he delivered on Friday before leading prayers in the Mosque.

He explained that a Mumin (Believer) is a person who has complete submission to the Will of Allah and has faith firmly established in their hearts.

“A true believer (Mumin) must abstain from hatred, cheating, selfishness, pride, and arrogance. They are the ones who are compassionate, people of justice and who are cautious of obedience to the Will of Allah,” he said.

Sheikh Danladi reminded the congregation that it will amount to an exercise in futility for any Muslim to boast of five times a day prayers, yearly pilgrimage to Makkah, constant fasting, and yet engage in character assassination, cheating people to enhance self, preventing others from their rights and insensitivity to the plight of their neighbours.

“Do not deceive yourself with prayers, going to Makkah, fasting, and having large family. Untill you want for your neighbor what you want for yourself, you are not a believer (Mumin) and would not have salvation on the last day,” he admonished.

The Deputy Chief Imam, said a Mumin (Believer) will constantly display good behavior and conducts with others through daily interactions which will promote their religion and not the character that will destroy it.

He said those who engage in lies, gossips and character assassination saying to their neighbours, “what do you have?,” will regret on the last day.

“Allah is good and He is always good. He is God of Justice who does not cheat. He wants us not to cheat anyone irrespective of religion differences. Help those who are in need and avoid evil,” he said.

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