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Only Allah Knows The Next Minute – Sheikh Usman

Chief Imam of Zaidu Ibn Sabit Mosque, Maikalwa, Zaria Road, Naibawa Kano, Sheikh Bello Usman, has reminded Muslim faithful that only Allah Knows the day of their death.

He said everything in this world is in the hands of Allah and advised them to strengthen their faith in Allah for their emancipation.

Imam Usman stated this in his sermon on Friday shortly before leading congregation prayers.

“Know that everything is in the hands of Allah. What we need is faith in Him.

“Even Angels and the Prophets don’t know the day the world will end. Only Allah Knows,” he said.

“I don’t know when I will die. I have faith there is Paradise. There are Angels, they don’t eat and they don’t drink. They are not males or females. Have faith in them, ” he advised.

A cross section of worshipers listening to sermon.

Usman warned the Worshipers against patronising Native Doctors in their quest to know what tomorrow holds for them saying that such act is non islamic as it paves way for disbelief.

“Wake up brothers and know that whatever will happen is known only by Allah. Native Doctor or any group has no knowledge of tomorrow except Allah.

“Don’t separate your bond due to the words of Native Doctors who boast in telling you what tomorrow holds,” admonished.

Sheikh Usman particularly warned people in business who are patronising Native Doctors with the hope of Optimum financial benefits to desist from it as it will lead them astray.

A cross section of worshipers listening to sermon.

He also reminded the congregation that Allah is the one in charge of the world and should rely on Him alone and not to be worry about any prophecy of a deadly desesse.

Apparently referring to World Health Organization (WHO), which alerted the world on Tuesday to prepare for a disease deadlier than COVID-19, the Imam said people should not lose faith in Allah who has limitless knowledge of all things.

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