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Our Trouble Is Lack Of Consciousness Of Allah – Prof. Khalid

Prof. Khalid Aliyu Abubakar, delivering sermon

Secretary-General, Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI), Professor Khalid Aliyu Abubakar, has advised Nigerians and Muslim Umah to imbibe true worship of Allah by consciousness of the Creator.

Prof. Khalid, who is also the Chief Imam of Fiber Jumaat Mosque, Jos, Plateau State, North Central Nigeria, gave the advice on Friday while delivering sermon in the state capital.

Prof. Khalid, whose sermon centred on “the importance of Ramadan Fast” told the worshipers that Fasting was ordained by Allah solely for the purpose of “Taqwa” – consciousness of Allah but lamented that “lack of it is the cause of the trouble facing the people.”

“Listen fasting brothers and sisters in Islam, I urge you and myself to fear Allah in secret and in the open including in our secret dealings with others.

“The reason Allah Instituted fasting is for us to obtain “Taqwa” – consciousness of Allah. It’s for us to become righteous. It’s for us to be honest.

“How much have you increased in the fear and respect of the command of Allah in your heart?,” he asked the congregation.

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“Consciousness of Allah. This is the objective of Ramadan Fast. No more, no less,” he admonished.

The Islamic Scholar said, “as long as you do not try in the increase of piety and righteousness then you have a problem, then fasting has not worked for you and you have not fasted,” he warned.

According to him, piety is the spiritual fear of Allah and the Whatcfullnes over His Commandments – obedience to His word.

“Brother and sisters in Islam, Taqwa is the feeling of fear, shaking and trembling within your heart towards reverence of Allah your Creator.

“It’s a spiritual respect to Allah. Your prayers is a special meeting between you and Allah. It’s a special appointment with Allah five times a day.

“There’s no better time than during Ramadan to imbibe the values of Taqwa.

“We delivered hundreds upon hundreds of sermon, why have we not changed?,” he asked.”

“But we are just doing fasting and eating but the heart has no blessing for lack of Taqwa”.

The Imam observed that the current tribulations in the land is the failure of the people to get “Taqwa” – consciousness of Allah.

Prof. Khalid prayed for peace in the country and also prayed Allah “to forgive our sins and intervene in the situation affecting Nigeria and it’s citizens”.

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