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Over 108 Million GSM Lines Abandoned By Nigerians – NCC

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Nigerian Communications Commission says, the number of GSM lines abandoned by Nigerians in two years stands at 108.47.

This was revealed in Analysis of the Industry Statistics from the Nigerian Communications Commission.

According to the Statistics, in January 2020, there were 83.81 million unused GSM Lines in the country and by January 2022, the number had grown to 108.47 million.

The NCC report stated that there were 269,835,804 connected Lines in January 2020, out of which 185,742,016 were active, and 84,093,788 were inactive.

In January 2022, there were 305,623,582 connected Lines, out of which 197,152,773 were active, and 108,470,809 were inactive.

During the period under review, the peak number of connected Lines was 328,114,538 in August 2021 while the peak number of active Lines recorded in October 2020 stood at 207,954,737 Lines.

The Chairman of the Association of Licensed Telecoms Operators of Nigeria, Gbenga Adebayo, had told Newsmen that the reason that the lines were unused was as a result of multiple occurrences rather than single events, adding that the lines were not contributing to the growth of the national network any time they were inactive.

“Traditionally, a lot of people carry more than one phone; Some have an office line; some have private lines but use one more often than the other; Some are in the Diaspora, who though they hold Nigerian SIM cards, are not resident in Nigeria,” he said.


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