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Performing Hajj Without Permit Is A Sin – Grand Mufti

Report from Saudi Arabia says, the Grand Mufti of the Kingdom, Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Al-Sheikh, who also serves as the Chairman of the Council of Senior Scholars and General President of Scholarly Research and Fatwa, has called upon this year’s Hajj pilgrims to strictly adhere to security and official instructions.

He emphasized the importance of obtaining a Hajj permit and receiving the necessary vaccinations announced by the Kingdom’s Ministry of Health.

According to Saudi Gazette, Sheikh Al Al-Sheikh warned that it is not permissible to perform Hajj without a permit and therefore going to Hajj without a permit “is a sin” for anyone doing so.

He stressed that this is in line with Shariah, which focuses on improving interests and preventing harm.

Sheikh Al Al-Sheikh, underlined that the Saudi leadership and the government have enacted regulations and instructions to facilitate and arrange the reception of pilgrims, providing them with comfort and helping them perform rituals with ease and reassurance.

“These services require adherence to ensure everyone’s safety,” he added.

The Grand Mufti also noted the Kingdom’s dedication to serving Islam and Muslims, particularly the Two Holy Mosques and their visitors.

He urged all pilgrims to invest their time, during Hajj, in devotion to Allah through supplication, worship, and drawing closer to Him. He concluded by praying for the preservation of the land of the Two Holy Mosques, the best reward for its leadership, and the successful and accepted performance of Hajj rituals by the Pilgrims. – SG

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