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Political Parties Plan To Block Entrances To City Ahead Supreme Court Judgement In Kano?

Report from Kano, Kano State capital, North-West Nigeria, indicates that some political parties may be planning to block entrances to City ahead Supreme Court judgement In Kano.

According to Nigerian Sketch, it has been told of the plan by one of the parties involved to block all roads leading to Kano for days, from the day date is fixed for the Supreme Court judgement.

A source privy to the plans, who spoke to Nigerian Sketch’s reporter on condition of anonymity, said “we are organizing the mother of all public space occupations in Nigeria.

“We are mobilizing the youth to come to the street and remain there peacefully until the Supreme Court judgement is delivered.

“We will provide food and drinks to all our members who will be stationed permanently in some strategic places within the city.

“We are going to block all entrances,”

No judgement date yet

A lawyer who is familiar with the Kano governorship election petition case has explained that the date for the Supreme Court judgement cannot be fixed at the moment because “parties are still compiling their records. Thereafter, they will transmit them. Then, they will serve them.

All of these have their timeframe according to the law. Then a date will be fixed for hearing after judgement date will be communicated by the Court.” – NS

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