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Respect And Speak Good Words To Your Parents – Sheikh Danladi

By Our Correspondent

Deputy Chief Imam of Fibre Jumaat Mosque, Jos, Plateau State, Sheikh Auwal Danladi, has warned youths about the danger of unruly behavours to their parents.

He gave the warning on Friday while leading congregation prayers at the Mosque.

Apparently disturbed by what he called “these days unacceptable character of most youths” and their incessant un-Islamic behaviours, Danladi said, until they change to the path of Allah, they will face the consequence both here and hereafter.

“Let me tell you, recently a son whose heart has dried up due to series of vices and disrespect, arrested his father and locked him up. No faith, no sympathy.

“Most sadly, his embattled father was to give out his daughter for marriage on the same day that his son arrested him and locked him up.

“This is the height of moral degradation sweeping length and breath of today’s society.

“It’s alarming and we must be firm in sincere prayers to Allah to save the situation,” he said.

The Imam told the congregation to always reflect and think of the day everyone will stand before Allah and know their position.

Sheikh Danladi also warned those “whose evil rhetoric” puts others in trouble saying they will receive bitter consequence from Allah hereafter.

“Stay away from “Majalisa” where private issues of people are tabled and discussed with the aim of tarnishing the image of brothers, friends and acquaintances for no reason but envy.

“No respect for one another but pursuant of self,” he said.

Danladi observed that people have abandoned true worship of Allah because they fail to practice the word of Allah in their daily activities.

“Children don’t listen to their parents and guardians, father sleeping with daughter, man sleeping with neighbour’s wife, leaders not sympathetic to the less privilege, sex before employment is offered and killings without reason,” he said.

He lamented that this is the life of today which is against Allah and reminded those enmeshed in these vices that Allah has already captured them adding that the only option is repentance before it is too late.

The Imam prayed for peace to reign in the country.


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