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Saudi Arabia Provides $129 Billion In Aid To 169 Countries

Dr. Abdullah Al Rabeeah speaking at the third annual International Conference on Mine Action, held in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Saudi Arabia has provided over $129 billion in aid to 169 countries worldwide since 1996.

Supervisor General of the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief), Dr. Abdullah Al Rabeeah, disclosed this in a statement.

Al Rabeeah, emphasized that Saudi Arabia, through KSrelief, is actively involved in removing unexploded ordnance as part of its humanitarian efforts.

These efforts aim to improve the environment, protect civilians, particularly women and children, build capabilities, provide a safe environment, preserve public health, and reduce the dangerous effects of explosives on individuals and society.

Highlighting the Middle East Green Initiative, announced by the Crown Prince and valued at $2.5 billion, Dr. Al Rabeeah noted its goal to lead the Kingdom and the region in protecting the land and nature and addressing environmental challenges.

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Dr. Al Rabeeah made these statements during his participation in the third annual International Conference on Mine Action, held in Baku, Azerbaijan, on May 30 and 31, under the theme “Mitigating the Environmental Impact of Landmines: Resource Mobilization for a Safe and Green Future.”

KSrelief has conducted 2,925 humanitarian projects in 99 countries, valued at $6.824 billion.

These projects cover vital sectors such as food, education, health, shelter, nutrition, water, environmental sanitation, and others, in collaboration with 180 partners from international, regional, and local organizations.

Dr. Al Rabeeah also highlighted KSrelief’s efforts to address the spread of mines in various countries.

Notably, the Saudi Mine Clearance Project in Yemen (MASAM), was launched in June 2018 as a humanitarian initiative to assist the Yemeni people.

Since its inception, MASAM has removed 443,452 planted explosives and cleared 56,636,614 cubic meters of land, while also building the capabilities of 400 mine clearance specialists.

KSrelief signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Azerbaijan National Mine Action Agency (ANAMA) to provide financial support for clearing Azerbaijani lands of mines.

Additionally, a grant was extended to Iraq in April to finance survey projects and the removal of cluster munitions and mines in several governorates.

The Kingdom, through KSrelief, has also established the prosthetic limbs program in Yemen.

This high-quality project manufactures and provides prosthetic devices for amputees and organizes rehabilitation programs, benefiting 3,496,500 individuals. – SG

Source: SG.

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