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Saudi Authority Issues Guidelines For Wearing Traditional Cloak Bisht

A bisht is a traditional Arabian long cloak men wear over their thobes.

The concerned Saudi authorities have issued a circular with regard to the guidelines for wearing the traditional men’s cloak bisht by designated categories of people and officials during formal occasions as well as at workplaces.

According to the circular, a copy of which is seen by Okaz/Saudi Gazette, the categories of people who are required to wear bisht while entering and leaving their workplace and while attending official events include emirs and deputy emirs of provinces, governors, ministers, including ministers with excellent rank, assistant ministers and deputy ministers, officials occupying the 15th rank or its equivalent, heads of independent departments and their deputies, and heads and deputy heads of town centers.

The circular stipulates that members of the Shoura Council shall comply with wearing bisht while entering and leaving the council sessions and during attending the sessions. Judges are also required to wear bisht while entering and leaving the courts and during trial sessions. The instruction to wear bisht is also applicable to prosecutors from the Public Prosecution and employees of the Prosecution Unit at the Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) and lawyers, while entering and leaving the courts, and during hearing sessions.

According to the circular, women who belong to the above-mentioned groups, shall adhere to wearing the official women’s dress. The Ministry of Media and Nazaha are responsible for monitoring the wearing of bisht and take necessary measures with regard to the violations and negligence pertaining to wearing of bisht directives.

What is stated in this circular is without prejudice to any orders or instructions regarding the following: The obligation to wear the bisht by any other category of people or imposed by the internal procedures of any entity, and professions and specializations that require special clothing other than the official uniform.

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