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Saudi Popular Singer, Mohammed Abdu Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

Mohammed Abdu


Report from Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia says, the internationally acclaimed Saudi singer, Mohammed Abdu, has revealed that he has been receiving treatment in Paris after being diagnosed with cancer.

Saudi Gazette reports that many celebrities, social media activists and fans have been reacting to the revelation by wishing him speedy recovery and good health.

Abdu, dubbed as ‘Fanan Al-Arab’ or the ‘Artist of the Arabs’ mentioned about his disease in audio messages shared with the music channel Rotana and Al-Arabiya channel.

Abdu appeared on the “Your Interaction” program, aired on Al-Arabiya channel on Sunday, speaking about the demise of the renowned Saudi poet Prince Badr bin Abdulmohsin.

During the program, Abdu recalled the times that brought him together with the prince since 1960s. He also spoke about an audio recording that took place between him and Prince Badr last Friday, one day before the latter’s death.

Prince Badr died in Paris on Saturday and buried in Al-Oud Cemetery after offering funeral prayer at the Imam Turki Bin Abdullah Mosque in Riyadh on Sunday.

In the audio he sent to Prince Badr before his death, Abdu expressed his warmth of feelings of friendliness and brotherhood to the prince.

The singer also indicated that he was now receiving chemotherapy in Paris.

In his reply message, Prince Badr expressed his love and affection to the singer and wished him speedy recovery.

In the audio message shared with the music channel Rotana, the 74-year-old Saudi singer revealed that he has been undergoing treatment in Paris. He also expressed hope of beating the disease. “I am reassuring you that my health is good, Alhamdulillah,” he said.

Abdu disclosed that he was diagnosed with the illness some time ago and has undergone treatment and medication to prevent it from spreading.

“The side effects of radiation are much less than other processes, and surgeries. And I take an injection every three months,” he said.

“The initial tests are very good, praise be to God, and the cancer enzyme decreased a lot. So, I give you good news and I assure you that your prayer was a factor for success and healing,” he added in the audio.

Celebrities from around the Arab world, including Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram and Kuwaiti star Nawal El Kuwaitia, were quick to wish Abdu speedy recovery.

Several fans and social media influencers hoped that the great singer would soon overcome the disease. – SG

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