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See Why You Should Write A Will

A public intellectual and Analyst, Reno Omokri, has claimed that, “there is 895bn dormant in Nigeria Banks as a result of death without a Will and no trace of the heirs.

He added that, “there are unclaimed title documents to houses and lands running, perhaps into trillions.”

He has also said that” there are about $500 million unclaimed dividends in the country.”

Reno, who did not give source of his claims, stated this on Saturday through his Facebook account while giving analysis on why it is necessary and very important for people to write their Will to safeguard the uncertainty of death.

He observed that “too many people have wealth stored up in Banks and in Stock market unknown to their children adding that many of these people are in testament.”

According to him, when the owners of these money die, their Bank deposits, stocks and shares just sit idly.

The Author, who said the trend is a global phenomenon and not limited to third world countries, advised Nigerians to do the right thing by writing a Will to avoid losing their wealth at death to what he referred to as “strangers.”

He reminded his readers that, “anybody can die anytime. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Do the right thing and do it now.”

“Even if you suspect or you are sure that your heirs are irresponsible and would waste the money, is that not still much better option than for strangers to enjoy what you have worked your whole life to achieve, or that it should be forfeited to a corrupt government that is even more irresponsible than your heirs?

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