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Society Of Nigerian Broadcasters Condemns Demolition Of AIT Structures

Society of Nigerian Broadcasters (SNB), has condemned the demolition of AIT structures in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, South South Nigeria.

The Broadcast body described the wanton destruction of the media equipment of AIT Portharcourt by the Government of Rivers State as an “embarrassing affront against the Nigerian Judiciary and barbaric act that is least expected from a democratically elected Government.”

Coordinating Chairman, Ogun-State Council of the Society, Festus Kehinde, in a statement obtained by Nigerian Kicker said, “the action of Rivers State Government, as a party in the lawsuit on this matter pending before the Court, is synonymous to a malicious political gangup by an opposing political party seeking for self help to forcefully remove a sitting Governor while its petition has not been determined by the legally constituted Elections Petition Tribunal”.

“This unfortunate steps taken by the State Government is a clear demonstration that the Executive arm believes in jungle justice rather than the rules of law, which is very nauseating at this stage of the nation’s democracy.

“This action is totally unacceptable and should be condemned by all lovers of justice and equity. SNB is joining other well-meaning Nigerians and professional bodies to condemn this barbaric act,” Kehinde said.

He called on Government and their agencies at all levels to refrain from actions that are capable of compromising the international image of Nigeria among the comity of nations.

The Coordinator noted that despite the fact that Broadcast media houses in Nigeria today are facing humongous infrastructure and bleeding from financial deficit orchestrated by accumulated “economic misadventures of the nations political leaders”, the media remains steadfast in ensuring the advancement of the nation’s unity and democractic governance.

The Society further called on Government at all levels that rather than aggravating the financial crisis inflicted on the media as a result of poor economic policies, Government should partner with the media to jointly navigate the best possible routes of revamping the nation’s ailing economy and serious security challenges.

Daar Communications, the owners of AIT, it added, deserves to be adequately compensated for this act of omission on the part of Government of Rivers State.

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