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Steer Clear From Gambling – Jos Imam Warns Believers

Chief Imam, Flying Officer Imran Zakariyya Hassan delivering sermon. 

Chief Imam of 551 Nigerian Air Force Station Central Mosque, Jos, Flying Officer Imran Zakariyya Hassan, has warned Muslim faithful to stay away from gambling and intoxicants.

Our Correspondent reports that the Imam gave the admonition on Friday while delivering sermon in Jos, Plateau state, North Central Nigeria.

The Islamic Cleric, who enumerated the consequences of engaging in gambling and drinking of alcohol, said the trend is becoming endemic in the society.

“It’s becoming worrisome how the country has been infested with youths who now engage in gambling with the hope of making money.

“This is happening because today’s life is anchored on acquisition of material things of the world occasioned by competition.

“Gambling and drinking are inseparable and destructive. It will never benefit those who have chosen that course rather, it will cause them emity, disagreement, disease and destabilization of their families,” he admonished.

Hassan, observed that, apart from the youths, both men and women are joining the community of Gamblers and Drunkers to the detriment of their home and families.

The Imam went further to emphasize that “a Gambler and a Drunker are losers in all fronts including losing respect in the eyes of the public.”

He added that the Devil always take advantage of a Gambler and a drunker, who are already on the highway for destruction.

Imam Hassan, however, noted that money is very important in the existence of people, without which, life will be miserable, but warned that Allah has enjoined people in the Holy Quran to get money only in righteous and legal ways.

He reminded believers about the promise of Allah not to give a servant a burden that is greater than them.

“Rely on what you have and thank Allah for it,” he advised.

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