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Sustain The Lessons Of Ramadan – Sheikh Danladi Admonishes Muslim Faithful

By Abdulkadir Mohammed

Deputy Chief Imam of Fibre Jumaat Mosque, Jos, Sheikh Auwal Danladi, has admonished Muslim Faithful to adhere to the lessons of Ramadan for their spiritual growth.

He gave the admonition on Friday shortly before leading Jumaat prayers.

He said a true Muslim must fear Allah and do good throughout their life time adding that the fear of Allah will manifest by the obedience to His word.

Sheikh Danladi noted that during the Ramadan Fast, “we asked for forgiveness; we gave alms; we showered love towards others; we showed generosity; we prayed fervently; we paid Zakat and we smiled at one another as ordained by Allah with the hope of purifying ourselves.”

“Where are the lessons of the month in our character and behaviour now that the 2022 month of Ramadan has come and gone? This question is necessary because we are expected to sustain the teachings and lessons of the month and never to go back to our old ways that are not in line with the religion,” he said.

He warned that those who only worship Allah during the month of Ramadan and go back to align with the devil and its ways are those who feel imprisoned during the Month and are eager to let lose to their old ways adding that such people are the losers and they will regret on the last day.

“Where is the fear of Allah? Where is patience? Where is love? Where is generosity and where is goodness?” he asked.

Sheikh Danladi reminded the worshipers that Allah created them primarily to worship Him adding that people can only seek Heaven by themselves and never by proxy, pointing out that those who did not do the work of Heaven cannot gain entrance into it.



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