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The World Is A Home Of Trials, Tribulations – Imam Hassan

Chief Imam, Flying Officer Imran Zakariyya Hassan delivering sermon (file photo).

Chief Imam of 551 Nigerian Air Force Station Central Mosque, Jos, Plateau State, Flying Officer Imran Zakariyya Hassan, has reminded believers that the world is a place of trials and tribulations.

The Cleric, gave the admonition in a sermon titled ISLAMIC MEASURES TOWARDS INFLATION he delivered on Friday in Jos, Plateau State, North Central Nigeria.

Hassan said “whoever takes a critical look at the condition of people these days will know that they are experiencing trials and inflation.”

He noted that everyone was looking out for relief of the ongoing inflation adding that the inflation shows that nothing last long in the world.

“It becomes imperative for believers to know that they will be tested in this world so as to prepare them towards meeting Allah,” he admonished.

Imam Hassan also said trials energizes one to worship Allah dutifully.

“Verily, Allah created us in this world so as to test us. Are we going to worship Him or not? Are we going to be truthful with our faith in Him or be among the Liars”? he asked.

According to the Imam, Allah says in Q29: V2-3 that, “Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, “we believe,” and not be tried? And certainly we tried those before them, so Allah will certainly know those who are true and He will certainly know the liars.”

He advised the worshipers to be thankful to Allah on any life situation “we find ourselves and avoid excessive grumbling.”

“Grumbling can never solve the ongoing inflation but rather it can only worsen the situation. If you grumble from today till eternity it can’t put food on your table  instead it will decrease your faith with predestination,” he advised.

Hassan, therefore, explained that Islam has put some measures in place that will enable the people survive the ongoing inflation in the country.

They include: Inculcating financial discipline, a firm faith in Allah as the provider, giving out zakat, contentment, repentance and engaging in prayers fervently.

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