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Too Many Boreholes Dry Off Water In Neighborhood

A concerned citizen, Mallam Taufiq Salisu, has appealed to Nigerians, especially those with the means of drilling borehole in their houses, to exercise caution in doing so.

Speaking with Nigerian Kicker at Nassirya Quarters of Maikalwa, Zaria road, Kano, North West Nigeria, where he observed that numerous boreholes are depleting water in the neighborhood, Salisu said, “instead of individual boreholes scattered across our neighborhood, it is advisable to consider a more sustainable approach by implementing a piped water system that connects some households near you with borehole.”

“This way, everyone can benefit from a reliable water source without adversely impacting the water table.

“The current practice of drilling numerous boreholes is causing a depletion of the water table, particularly affecting those who rely on wells during dry seasons.

“By coming together as a community and embracing a collective responsibility, we can ensure the well-being of all our neighbors,” Salisu advised.

He added that by exploring the option of a piped water system, they could avoid unnecessary strain on their natural resources and promote a more efficient and equitable distribution of water pointing out that not only will this benefit the community as a whole, but it will also foster a spirit of unity and cooperation among neighbors.

“Let us be proactive and prioritize the well-being of everyone in our neighborhood. By working together, we can find sustainable solutions that will ensure a reliable and abundant water supply for generations to come.

“Let us be our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers, promoting harmony and responsible stewardship of our shared resources,” he further advised.

While thanking members of Nassirya neighborhood for their understanding, Salisu expressed the belief that they will work towards realising the vision for the benefit of all.

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