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Veteran Saudi Journalist And Writer, Hani Naqshabandi Dies

Hani Naqshabandi

An eminent Saudi Journalist and writer, Hani Naqshabandi has died.

He reportedly passed away on Sunday at the age of 60.

Several Saudi and Arab writers and media persons mourned the demise of Naqshabandi.

Saddened by the unexpected departure of the writer, they paid tribute to the rich legacy left by him in the journalistic career and as a prolific writer and novelist.

In a condolence message on X platform, Saudi Minister of Media Salman Al-Dosari offered his condolences on the death of Naqshabandi, saying: “I offer my sincere condolences and sympathy to the family of the journalist, Hani Naqshabandi – may God have mercy on him – who passed away today.”

Famous Saudi media person and writer Khalaf Al-Harbi said: “There is no power nor strength except with God… Shocking and sad news of the death of the brother and friend #Hani_Naqshbandi, the unique novelist, elegant journalist, and beautiful human being. My sincere condolences to his honorable family and all his loved ones. May God have mercy on him and may his soul rest in peace.”

Naqshabandi’s last post on the X platform was on the occasion of Saudi Arabia’s celebrations of the 93rd National Day on Sept. 23, in which he commended the remarkable role of expatriates in the nation-building process. He said in the statement: “Most of the greetings I received on Saudi National Day were from non-Saudis. They have been residing in the country for decades, which means that true citizenship is in love and belongingness, and not just in identity.”

Born in Madinah in 1963, Naqshabandi graduated from King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, with a degree in international relations. He had a rich legacy and brilliant track record in the Saudi Arabic journalism field ever since his entry in the field in 1984.

After serving in a number of newspapers, he became Editor-in- Chief of the popular Saudi Arabic magazines Sayidaty and Al-Majalla, which are published from London. He contributed to the founding of Arrajol, a Saudi monthly men’s lifestyle magazine.

Naqshabandi served as deputy editor-in-chief of the pan Arabic Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper. He joined the Dubai-based Al Mashhad TV in October 2022.

The Journalist also presented the famous television program “Dialogue with Hani ” (Hewar Ma’a Hani) on Dubai TV. In this socio-humanitarian political program, he hosted a group of political, literary, and scientific figures and discussed diverse Arab issues on the ground.

Naqshabandi had to his credit a number of popular novels. His first novel “Embezzlement” was published in 2007 and the novel has printed four editions so far. The novel was translated into Russian.

His novels include “Salam,” published in 2009, “One Night in Dubai” in 2011, “Half of a Respected Citizen” in 2013, “The Doctors of Paradise in 2015, and “Al Khatib” in 2017. His novel “Dream Story” has been transformed into a series called “The Maker of Dreams”.

Naqshabandi also wrote books including “Jews under the Microscope” in 1986, and “The Puzzle of Happiness” in 1990. He held several leadership positions in prominent Arabic newspapers and publications. He wrote articles in several newspapers and websites. – SG

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