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Wake-Keep For A Woman Of Substance

Late Madam Habibetu Ibrahim (file photo) 

Late Madam Habibetu Ibrahim’s humane disposition endeared her popularity among her Ihievbe community in Owan East Local Government Area of Edo State, South South Nigeria.

While in Kano, she also impacted on members of the same Ihievbe community resident in Kano.

On Saturday, 6th April, 2024, was an opportunity for those who crossed her path, while she was alive, to pour out their hearts of admiration of her at the Wake- Keep organised by her indefatigable son, Zubairu Ibrahim, popularly known as “Dutse.”

Our Correspondent reports that the Wake- Keep, which was preparatory to the burial ceremony of Madam Habibetu, was held at Ballat Hughes, Sabon Gari, in Kano metropolis.

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Mr. Sunny Ohileboh Evbogame

Giving his testimony, former Chairman of Ihievbe community in Kano, (Ihievbe Progressive Union), Mr. Sunny Ohileboh Evbogame, described Madam Habibetu as “a woman of substance” who gave proper and enviable upbringing to her children.

Evbogame said, Habibetu extended the gesture to Ihievbe community in Kano by ensuring that “the youths participate in the union’s monthly meetings.”

“Her son, Dutse, was the youngest to enroll in our monthly meetings as a shining example of her drive,”  Evbogame recalled.

“Madam Habibetu was a devoted Christian, homely and God fearing. We will live by her encouragement,” he promised.

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Madam Mary Sado

In her testimony, Madam Mary Sado said, she was emotionally drained to speak on the late Madam Habibetu.

She, however, recalled about what she called “the motherly role she benefited from the late Madam Habibetu.”

“Habibetu encouraged the women, advised and lectured them. She was a mother. She made peace with people and craved the unity of purpose for our community.

“We missed her, and we would continue to pray for the repose of her soul,” she added.

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DG Billy Osamoje

In his brief remarks, the current Chairman of Ihievbe Progressive Union, IPU, DG Billy Osamoje, reminded the gathering that Chairmanship is “just a name” and does not conote “the greatest” and urged the members of IPU to show love and assist the bereaveds at this crucial moment of their need.

The late Madam Habibetu died in September, 2023 at the age of 78 in her home town, Ihievbe in Owan East Local Government Area of Edo State, South-South Nigeria.

Pictorial of attendees:


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