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Who Killed Hannifa Abubakar Has No Faith – Imam Danladi

By Abdulkadir Mohammed

“No Wicked man has faith and has no place here or hereafter.”

These were the words, in a sermon on Friday, by Sheikh Auwal Danladi, the Deputy Chief Imam of Fibre Juma’at Mosque, old Airport Road junction, Jos, Plateau state before leading congregation prayers.

Apparently referring to the killers of a 5-year-old Hannifa in Kano, Sheikh Danladi said, the heart of the person who killed Hannifa has dried up leaving no traces of God in it hence he killed an infant under his care.

Sheikh Danladi, who spoke on the theme, “The Wicked can never celebrate,” went down memory lane in history about the encounter of Prophet Musa (Moses) (AS) and the Pharaoh of Egypt who meted out untold hardship onto the people and how God intervened which led Pharaoh to perish in the red sea.

He noted that many people have resorted to killings of innocent children as a means of ritual with the hope of making money believing that after making the money, they will seat down and enjoy without knowing that their souls have been destroyed.

The Islamic scholar reminded the people that no one can perpetrate injustice and crime and live to celebrate after.

He warned the people against cheating and maltreating the weak and the orphans in the society, pointing out that the prayers of an innocent person is granted by God instantly.

Sheikh Danladi also advised the people to be wary of what they do to others.

“God can forgive you when you flout His order, but the harm you do to other fellow human beings cannot be forgiven by God except your victim. You are not free until the person forgives you,” he admonished.

The Imam further advised the congregation never to be proud of their social position and forget the God who put them there.

“If you think you are very powerful and you unleash difficulty on the people because you think nobody can do you anything, remember that God can raise another stronger person to destroy you,” he said.




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