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Why Nigerians Should Stop The Orientation Of Seeking Office Jobs – Ambassador Saleh Kirki

By Editor

Unemployment is the share of the labour force that is without work, who are available and seeking employment.

According to the National Bureau of statistics, unemployment rate in Nigeria increased to 33.30 percent in the Fourth Quarters of 2020 from 27.10 percent in the Second Quarters of the same year 2020.

In this interview with Nigerian Kicker, Norland Ambassador, Alhaji Saleh Saidu Kirki advises Nigerians, especially graduates from Tertiary Institutions, to drop the orientation of seeking for office jobs that are not there as he proffers solution to the trend by urging job seekers to embrace Norland business for their financial freedom by getting income weekly.

He also reminds Nigerians that going to school to get good grade and get good job is good but, “it is temporary and does not guarantee financial freedom.”

What is Norland?

Norland is an American organization, sometimes called America-Chinese because we have two Headquarters – one in America, Washington DC and one in Beijing, China. Norland has 7 Industries put together as one big business organization. It has Hospital Services with world class facilities. We have supplements; We have Universities because we are also into academia; We  have logistics because we have Ships, Airplanes; We are also into Hotel and Tourism with 5 Stars Hotels around the globe.

With all these, Norland is ready to share with people to change their lives positively by utilizing these resources. So, Norland is a business organization that is primarily with the objective of changing lives positively.

Norland can give you Health and also give you Wealth. The Health aspect that I am talking about involves Supplements. I mean, we have supplements that can cure and prevent ailments. They rectify Health issues like over-weight, losing sight and becoming infertile etc.

Besides, Norland can equally give you chance to make money. Essentially, Norland is opposite of the current way we live where emphasis is placed on paper qualification, good grade in school and getting a good job to earn on monthly basis as a result of that, but in Norland , you will get good money not even on monthly basis but on weekly basis with many incentives.

Most Nigerians are always thinking about office job. How can this trend change?

My brother, it is not only Nigerians that chase office jobs. In most developing countries, people are always thinking about office job, that is why Robert Kyosaki wrote a book titled “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” In the book, the poor Dad was a disciplined Teacher and always claiming that you have to get good grade to get a good job because that was the life he lived and thinks it should be for everyone. The Rich Dad is not an educated person but have the initiative of thinking business. This teaches us that all you need to do is to have a working brain to initiate a business.

Therefore, my advice to those who think that office job is the best for them should think twice. To me, office job is just a necessity; it is a problem itself; you just have to manage it before you get a proper solution to your financial freedom. In the office job, as you know, the salary is never enough to take care of your problems or challenges of your family every month.

In salary job, the time is not your time; how you work, what you do, when and where you will be transferred are determined by someone else. So, virtually, you don’t own yourself. It is somebody that owns and runs your life because you are under that person and whether that person is good or bad to you, you don’t have any option.

What about using your own time to build your own business? This is what Norland stands for. Just imagine the job that you are doing now for yourself. Where are the office jobs today? Even the government doesn’t give you the job. I had a programme with American University of Nigeria in Yola, Adamawa State. The VC Academics told me something that shocked me to the marrow. He said they conducted a research which shows that every year 1million 102 thousands students are graduated from secondary schools in Nigeria. Out of this number, less than 25 percent are getting chance to higher institutions and that less than this 25 percent gets job after obtaining the required qualification.

Can you see why there is chaos in Nigeria? There is banditry, robbery, riots and other social vices because there are no jobs. So, the office job you are thinking is not there.

But if you can have a system like Norland, you are free from these challenges. My advice to Nigerians is to be thinking of going to University in order to create jobs and not to get office job. If you are educated, don’t think of getting of office job, think of creating job for others. Example is what we are doing in Norland today. With Norland, you can create jobs all over Nigeria and beyond. Here in Norland everyone is qualified to partner. We have retirees, students, house wives, office workers and traders etc.

So, my advice to Nigerians is to register with Norland and build their own business.

Kindly elucidate on the benefits of registering with Norland.

There are 9 benefits in doing Norland business. As I said earlier, Norland have 7 different Industries. We are into Hospital Services, Supplements, Electronics, Logistics, Academia, Tourism, Finance and Corporation.

First, Norland can give you free products so that you can remain healthy – no hospital, no pain and no spending of money and time.

Secondly, Norland gives you money but not monthly because we are against the monthly earnings. We are giving you money on weekly basis, precisely on Tuesdays exactly 5 O’clock, one minute in the evening.

Thirdly, Norland gives you the chance to travel around the globe. In Norland, we travel three times every year with reasonable amount of travelling allowance.

Fourthly, Norland gives you brand new car. I want to tell you. We have given more than 2 thousand brand new cars in Nigeria alone in two years and over 80 per cent of these cars were given in my presence. I thank God, as you know, even myself, I have received free cars not one, not two in this Norland business.

Apart from that, Norland gives you chance to have Shares in the company; Norland gives you chance to send two of your children to our Universities; Norland also gives you chance to utilize our resources outside Africa and lastly, Norland will gives you the bigger benefit which if  you pass away, your family should not be afraid or think because your benefits will be extended to your family.

Who are the top officials of Norland in Nigeria?

I can tell you most of them. Example are my business partner before and now, Mr. Romeo Okoade including those who followed him to join Norland such as T. Okorie, A. Norland, Mayor, Paul Ezekiel, name them. They are in Calabar because Romeo started from there. May be after them, you can consider people like me.

You see, the top leaders are many. We are trying to create more top leaders in Kano. After Kano,  we are trying to storm Jos, Yola and other places.

That is the beauty of Norland Marketing because it is unlike the conventional business that we have where you always hide your formulas, hiding your suppliers, but in Norland, the more you open up, the faster you can grow and the more people can enjoy the business.

So, the leaders of this business in Nigeria are many. In Networking, we count leaders in thousands, so we are hoping to count more especially from the vibrant youths who seem not to utilize their time judiciously. I say this because most of them allow the politicians to use them. They waste their time in soccer watching football, fighting over Teams. They spend their money on movies and music.

This behaviour cannot give you money and good life style you want. What you should do is to focus your business. Build a business empire and the music will follow you. Allow the football to notice you. You know, once you make it, you will be noticed.

How can one join Norland Business?

When I learnt that Norland is giving free products, free electronics, free devices, free international trips, free brand new cars, building houses for people, giving people chance to have shares, giving your love ones chance to be educated, giving you chance to feel at home while you are away from home, my brother, the next question I asked was exactly what you are asking me now – “how can one be part of the system?”

The answer is: To be part of Norland business is very simple. Remember it is a business organization, so we have a business registration starting with the minimum to the maximum and we categorise them with ranks.

The first registration entry is what is called “Registration Entry” and it’s only N80,000 of which you will be given Norland products worth N125,000 and get an initial investment of $140 or you can start in a bigger way with a Bronze and that Bronze is N160,000 of which we can give you products worth over N200,000 and give you an investment of N250,000 or still you can start in a more bigger way as a Silver member, that is leadership package, so you pay N350,000 and we give you products worth more than the amount. Better still, you can start with Diamond or Gold membership.

I know some people will be thinking that the business is meant for those with N80,000 and above, but no. That is the beauty of Norland, they are very considerate people. They even create an avenue for people that are less privileged so that they can register with N40,000 and get products worth N60,000 and investment worth 70 Dollars. We work with them and they start making money as soon as they start the doing the business.

This N40,000 I personally call “no excuse gate,” because everyone can afford it, even a house wife, even a student, and even a retiree. At least you can change your life with N40,000. So, these are the registered packages to get the nine benefits I mentioned earlier.

You can reach us at our office here in Kano. We are at No.20A Zaria Road, Gyadi-Gyadi, Close to GT Bank. We operate 24/7. We conduct seminars for new entrants into the business. You can also contact us through WhatsApp or call so that we can talk or discuss and put you through.

You can contact us with this number: 07038689888


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