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42 Blind Men, Women Perform 2023 Hajj

Saudi Arabia National Association of the Blind (Kafeef) in Riyadh sponsored 42 visually challenged men and women, along with their companions, to perform the Hajj pilgrimage this year.

The blind Pilgrims performed all Hajj rituals, including the stoning of the Jamarat and Tawaf Al-Widaa (Farewell Circumambulation) amid an integrated system of facilitated services.

Director of Administrative and Financial Affairs at Kafeef Abdulaziz Al-Mubarak congratulated Saudi Arabia’s leadership and all the authorities who worked during this season on the successful organization of this year’s Hajj.

He pointed out that the Association participated during this Hajj through the Manasik program, which aims to overcome and ease the difficulties for blind Pilgrims so they can perform their rituals with comfort.

Al-Mubarak said 42 blind Pilgrims and their companions who benefited from the program this year were grouped into three campaigns.- SG


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