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Hajj Is Not For Jamboree – Sheikh Usman

Chief Imam of Zaid Bin Sabit Mosque, Maikalwa Naibawa, Zaria Road, Kano, North West Nigeria, Sheikh Bello Bala Usman has advised intending Pilgrims to seek guidance from Islamic Scholars before embarking on Holy Pilgrimage to Makkah.

Sheikh Usman gave the advice in a sermon he delivered on Friday before leading congregation prayers.

Worshipers listening to sermon.

Our Correspondent reports that the Imam anchored his sermon on “performance of Hajj” saying it is not a journey for jamboree.

“Journey for Hajj is to worship Allah. You should have good intentions. Seek Allah’s forgiveness. Whatever you do during Hajj should be in consonance with the teachings of the Prophet (S.A.W),” he said.

Sheikh Usman berated those he said go to Hajj for show-off and not for the spiritual essence of the Holy Pilgrimage.

“Some people go for Hajj for show-off. They go there taking pictures to show for the sake of praises that they have gone to Makkah. Some do everything they can just to go to Hajj for the purpose of being called Alhaji or Hajiya. There is no reward in show-off.

“Because of show-off and praises of men, some have gone to Hajj selling everything they have to enable them go there while they leave behind their family in hunger. This is wrong. Hajj is prescribed for those who have the means,” he admonished.

Sheikh Usman reminded the Worshipers that all good deeds are rewarded by Allah and urged them to always have good intentions and do justice wherever they find themselves.

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A cross section of Worshipers listening to sermon

“Avoid speaking bitter words, forgive people always and cultivate patience as a virtue,” he admonished.

He prayed for peace in Kano and Nigeria at large.

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