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If You Are Evil You Know It – Imam Khalid Challenges Worshipers

Prof. Khalid Aliyu Abubakar delivering sermon. 

An Islamic Scholar, Professor Khalid Aliyu Abubakar, says all evil doers know that they are Evil.

Prof. Abubakar, who is the Secretary-General, Jamaatul Nasir Islam, JNI, and Chief Imam, Fiber Jumaat Mosque, Jos, Plateau state, North Central Nigeria, stated this on Friday while delivering sermon.

Our correspondent reports that the theme of the sermon was anchored on, “Self-sssessment an Islamic Obligation.”

The Imam said, a true believer must embark on self-examination, self appraisal, and self evaluation daily adding that the best counselling for a Muslim is the fear of Allah, to be conscious of Him and to be righteous to the best of their abilities.

Prof. Abubakar, reminded the congregation about the unfailing last day of judgement when everyone will stand before Allah and offer defences against their iniquities, inadequacies, misbehaviours and recalcitrant against obedience.

“Where would these defences be acceptable if one does not repent and follow the path of Allah?,” he asked.

“Allah is in love with a soul that examines itself, that always warns itself against iniquities, misbehaviours, and wrongdoings.

“If you are good you know you are good. If you are evil you know you are evil.

“If you are a liar, you don’t need anybody to say you are a liar, you know you are a liar, you know it yourself.

“If you fail in your promises, you don’t need anybody to tell you that you have failed, you know it that you failed.

The Cleric warned believers never to be carried away by those who will come and beat drums saying to them, “Wallahi you are a Walliyu Allah and whereas you know you are not a Walliyu but a blatant liar.”

“Today, you hear of His Excellency this, His Excellency that and they know that they do not excellent anything. They know it themselves that they are not excellent.

“Imagine a politician went for campaign and turned the back of lies and told the people, ‘I will provide a tap of milk for you’ knowing that he is a liar,” the Imam recalled.

Prof Abubakar, observed that an intelligent Muslim is a Muslim that is so carefull, a person that knows his shortcomings, that knows his limitations, one who is always trying to assess himself, trying to evaluate himself, trying to really examine himself, who is concerned about his defects and give himself marks good or bad.

The Imam said, regrettably today due to the people’s psychological cowardice, what they know best is the assessment of other people and tell them how bad and wrong they are without self assessment necessary for their Pilgrimage.

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