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See BUK BUKAA/AGM Election Guidelines


We, the BUKAA Caretaker Committee, at our general meeting, resolved as

(1) That based on Chapter III Paragraph A12 of BUKAA Constitution, we
agree on the following guidelines/criteria for the conduct of elections
into BUKAA Executive offices on Saturday December 16th;
a. That all members of the Alumni Association shall pay N2,000 each,
as AGM/convention registration fee.
b. That every full member of the association is eligible to vote but
ONLY those full members who have graduated at least in the last 5
years and 10 years in the case of the office of the President, are
eligible to contest for any elective position.
c. That those eligible to vote must be registered full members with
BUKAA – (PROOF: Alumni ID number from yellow ID card issued by
Advancement Office; else they can visit Advancement Office to
register before the Convention date OR may at the convention
register instantly by producing the following documents: (i) a copy of
Certificate of graduation or Statement of Result (ii) either a valid
work/student ID card or NIN card/slip or national drivers license.
The membership registration fee is as follows: (i) N2,000 for
Undergraduate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma; (ii) N5,000 for
Postgradute diploma (iii) N10,000 for Masters/PhD graduates
d. That every interested full member who is eligible to contest can
aspire to any of the following elective offices:
i. The President
ii. The 1
st Vice President
iii. The 2nd Vice President
iv. The Secretary General
v. The First Assistant Secretary Generalvi. The Second Assistant Secretary General

vii. The Financial Secretary
viii. The Treasurer
ix. The Internal Auditor
x. The Publicity Secretary
xi. The Social Welfare Officer
xii. The Legal Adviser
xiii. That there shall be six (6) Ex-Officio members to be elected, one
from each of the six geopolitical zones
e. Members aspiring to the above offices should have at least three years
cognate experience or membership of relevant professional bodies
relevant to the offices being contested, provided that aspirants to the
office of Legal Adviser must be qualified to practice law in Nigeria for
at least three (3) years.
f. Any member interested in any elective office shall purchase a
Declaration of Interest Form at the prescribed rates below at the
Advancement Office on or before 13th of December 2023. The
Declaration of Interest form could also be obtained, completed and
submitted online via this link
( https://forms.gle/eHWoXfRMcUqfbKoj9 ).
Those who submitted the form online should pay for it into the
BUKAA bank account (Fidelity Bank, Bayero University Kano
Alumni Association, 4011449910), scan and send the teller
(subject: “BUKAA 2023 Election <position contesting>”) to
Registration Officer (via whatsApp or email:
contactbukaa@buk.edu.ng / 08088359826) who would prepare
their receipts, to be collected upon presentation of the original teller.
Candidates contesting for the posts of President and
Secretary General should buy their forms at the cost of
N100,000 each.
Candidates contesting for posts of First and Second Vice President should buy their forms at the cost of N70,000 each.

Candidates contesting for all other elective positions should
buy their forms at the cost N40,000 each.
g. The Caretaker Committee shall publish rules and regulations guiding
the conduct of the elections, or announce them as the case maybe,
including details related to expression of interest form and such rules
for the smooth and successful conduct of the Convention and
h. There will be strict adherence to the rules and regulations for the
conduct of the elections
i. The schedule of the elections is as follows:
Date: Saturday December 16, 2023
Time: 2pm
Venue: Convocation Arena, New Site
i. The commencement of the sales of Declaration of Interest form
( https://forms.gle/eHWoXfRMcUqfbKoj9 ) for the offices into the
BUKAA 2023 Election is Saturday 9th December, 2023 and ends on
Wednesday 13th December, 2023.
ii. All completed Declaration of interest Forms must be submitted to the
Electoral Committee representative at the Advancement Office OR
submitted online ( https://forms.gle/eHWoXfRMcUqfbKoj9 ) by 6pm on
or before Wednesday 13th December, 2023.
iii. Screening of all candidates will be on Thursday 14th December, 2023,
at the Advancement Office Bayero University by 12noon or online via
virtual link ( https://meet.google.com/fva-bybw-pta).
iv. List of successful candidates will be published on the 14th December,

v. Election is on 16th December, 2023; members shall only be issued with
ballot papers or be allowed to vote (as applicable) on presentation of
a valid membership card or such substitute as maybe decided by the
Electoral Committee.
vi. Voting is by secret ballot system either manually on the floor of the
convention or electronically as maybe decided by the Electoral
vii. The rule of simple majority shall be used in declaring the winner(s) of the elections.

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