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Madinah In Saudi Gets Facelift, Constructs 70-km Motor-Bike Paths

Report from Saudi Arabia says, Municipality of Madinah, has completed 70 kilometers of bike paths along main roads and residential areas in 2023 to facilitate eco-friendly mobility for residents and visitors alike.

Saudi Press Agency reports that it is part of the municipality’s objective of improving the quality of life and creating more inviting public spaces through its humanizing cities program.

The newly established bike paths not only provide a safe and convenient mode of transportation, but also serve as a platform for promoting health and fitness awareness among the city’s residents.

These paths cater to both beginner and professional cyclists, and offer an opportunity for skill enhancement and physical activity.

The paths are seamlessly integrated into the public transportation system, presenting a sustainable alternative for commuters.

Careem BIKE service, which offers rental bike stations, operates over 165 stations throughout the city.

With a strong emphasis on safety, the bike paths are designed to accommodate people of all ages and abilities, ensuring separation from vehicular traffic.

The municipality aims to expand the network of bike paths to cover a total length of 220 kilometers, including 33 key locations in Madinah, by the end of 2025.

This initiative aligns with the municipality’s vision of enhancing the quality of life for residents and creating memorable experiences for visitors.

The availability of rental bike stations at historical sites and attractions, including the central area surrounding the Prophet’s Mosque, encourages exploration and enjoyment of the city’s unique offerings.

The introduction of these safe bike paths not only promotes sustainable transportation methods but also reduces environmental impacts.

This holistic approach aims to transform Madinah into a more attractive, efficient, and livable city for its residents, workers, and tourists alike. — SPA

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