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Rains In UAE: Dubai Airport Runway Submerged

Heavy rains and strong winds lashed the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday, transforming streets into rivers and even submerging a runway at Dubai Airport.

Heavy rains and strong winds have reportedly lashed the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday, transforming streets into rivers and even submerging a runway at Dubai Airport, Saudi Gazette reports.

According to the report, social media platforms were flooded with images and videos showcasing the deluge and its aftermath, as daylight turned to darkness by mid-afternoon amidst the downpour.

Images captured the alarming rise in water levels at Dubai Airport, where planes stood grounded on what appeared to be a makeshift waterway rather than a functioning runway.

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Airport operations were temporarily halted for 25 minutes due to the severe storm, impacting both arrivals and departures.

Flydubai, a prominent airline based in Dubai, announced flight disruptions and cancelations as a result of the volatile weather conditions.

Meanwhile, the National Center of Meteorology warned of continued thunderstorms and heavy rainfall across coastal areas, with the possibility of hail in some regions.

The weather agency forecast the persistence of thunderclouds moving eastward and northward until Tuesday afternoon, accompanied by lightning and thunder.

Cloud formations were expected to diminish gradually from Tuesday afternoon onwards.

Authorities urged caution on the roads, particularly in areas prone to flooding, and advised against venturing near valleys or water accumulations.

The country’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization called on private companies to prioritize occupational safety measures during the exceptional weather conditions.

As the nation grapples with the aftermath of the intense rainfall, residents remain vigilant, heeding the warnings issued by meteorological authorities to ensure their safety and well-being amid the inclement weather. — SG with inputs from Agencies

Source: SG/Agencies

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